The complete, visual step-by-step guide to Zen Cart CSS is here!

Zen Cart CSS Guide - A complete guide to Zen Cart StylesheetsZen Cart version 1.5 CompatibleSave yourself hours of time and effort (and pulling your hair out!) with this complete 82-page guide.

The Classic stylesheet.css is explored line by line – complete with images of which components are effected by which CSS rule.  Each element is fully commented and there are even quick CSS lessons for the most popular CSS selectors and their properties.

Zen Cart CSS Guide – A complete guide to Zen Cart Stylesheets is available now for immediate download.


Recent Updates

Add or remove product reviews count from product info page in Zen Cart

June 27th, 2013

The Product Reviews count is shown on the Product Info page in Zen Cart below the ‘add to cart’ section (as shown highlighted below). To add or remove the product reviews count from the product info page: Log in to your Zen Cart store Admin From the Catalog menu, select Product Types. Select the relevant […]

Online Store Blog Idea #12: Introduce a product new to your online store

June 16th, 2013

In each part of this series we discuss an idea for an online store blog post and also provide a real world example. Visit the Online Store Blog Idea series of posts for more. Regularly adding new products to your online store keeps your store fresh and vibrant and encourages return customers.  Imagine if every […]

Understanding your Profit Margin

June 2nd, 2013

In most cases, the number one mission for operating an online store is to make an income.  Notice, we said income – not revenue, not profit but income. Let’s have a look at what this really means. Running an online store has its expenses. These will obviously vary from business to business but will generally […]

Flat Rate – Zen Cart Shipping Module

May 25th, 2013

The Flat Rate shipping module allows you to add a fixed cost to a customer’s order for shipping regardless of the quantity or the types of items purchased.  It can be viewed as a ‘per order’ shipping cost. If the Flat Rate Shipping Module is activated, it will appear as a shipping option during the […]


Store in Spotlight

July 7th, 2013
Zen Cart Store in Spotlight - Raw Nordic Design

Zen Cart Store in Spotlight – Raw Nordic Design

This week the Zen Cart store in the spotlight is Raw Nordic Design.  Another great Zen Cart store with true personality, this is an example of a multiple currency store using a non-English language pack (Norwegian).  Lillian Braseth and Oddveig Forefoot have combined their talents in photography, design and textiles to create beautiful products and this Zen Cart store is a great showcase for them.

See more of this store, and other Zen Cart stores, in the Zen Cart Gallery.


Zen Cart Toolkit

Installing and customising Zen Cart may seem a little daunting at first. But, as with all jobs, it is so much easier if you have the right tools.

For more information visit the full Zen Cart Toolkit page.

Zen Cart Explored

Email messages are an important component of an online store for communication with your customers.  Zen Cart can be configured to notify customers of their order status, for example, or notify the store owner of a new order or that a particular product is running low on stock.

Zen Cart provides the option to select plain text or HTML email messages.  The HTML email messages utilise the set of 15 email templates.  The default email messages are explored further in Zen Cart Email Templates.