Adding a new Admin user in your Zen Cart Store

It is a very easy process to create additional Zen Cart Admin accounts.  If you have more than one person maintaining your online store, it makes sense to have your own Admin accounts.  Or, you may wish to create an account and store away the login and password in a safe place as a precaution if you can not use your account for any reason.

  1. Login to the Admin of your Zen Cart online store.


    When Zen Cart is first installed, you can reach your Admin Home by adding /admin to your store domain name.  For example:  As part of the initial Zen Cart Setup Procedure, the Admin folder is renamed to provide additional security against unauthorized access attempts.

  2. Select Admin Settings from the Tools menu. 

    Admin > Tools > Admin Settings


  3. Click on Insert.
  4. Complete the New Admin User form, as displayed on the right.


  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Test the new account.  Remember to close ALL browser windows first.

As at version 1.38a of Zen Cart, there is only one level of Admin user.  An Admin account gives that user access to all Admin functions.  It is not possible to restrict an Admin user to just maintaining products or just processing orders, for example.  This has, however, been slated to be reviewed for inclusion in a future version.

In the meantime, there is a free Add On available – Admin Profiles – that can restrict user access to specific functions on a user-by-user basis.  This Add On is available from the Zen Cart Free Software Add Ons download section.

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