Is your Zen Cart store ready for the Christmas rush?

As we approach the biggest sales opportunity of the year, Zen Cart store owners need to plan getting their store ready for the Christmas rush.

Online stores are the perfect alternative to the shopping mall frenzy and every year more and more people are buying more and more online.  So it make sense to be ready.  Poor preparation may mean you miss out on valuable Christmas sales – and the opportunity to make an even more valuable repeat customer.


In this seven part series we focus on getting your Zen Cart store ready for Christmas:

  1. Part One – Back to Basics Store Management
  2. Part Two – Back to Basics Store Front
  3. Part Three – Setting the Scene, Do they know its Christmas time?
  4. Part Four – Encouraging a Christmas Shopping Spree at your Store
  5. Part Five – Sweetening the deals for Christmas at your Store
  6. Part Six – Inviting Customers to your Store for Christmas Shopping
  7. Part Seven – Essential Follow-up After the Christmas Rush

Check back tomorrow for part one.



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