Getting Ready for Christmas – Part Five: Sweetening the deals for Christmas at your Store

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  5. Getting Ready for Christmas – Part Five: Sweetening the deals for Christmas at your Store
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Most of us get carried away when we are shopping for Christmas presents and other Christmas purchases (like we just must have that new table setting or set of cushions for the day to be perfect).  This is perfect for Zen Cart online store owners to take advantage of this as we can easily employ every trick in the book to increase the number of sales and the value of each sale.

Offer Gift Wrapping

A great service for customers that are looking to send their gift purchases directly to the recipient, offering gift wrapping is also a great up-selling promotion for you.

Zen Cart store owners can look at installing the Gift Wrap at Checkout Add On.  This allows customers to select gift wrapping options at checkout time. The selection is done on a per product basis on the shipping page. A checkbox is provided for each product to indicate whether or not gift wrapping is required.

Offer a Free Gift (with orders over a specified value)

The Dangling Carrot Zen Cart Add On provides an easy way to offer your customers a choice of free gifts to encourage them to spend over a set amount in your store.  This Add On lets you specify which products can be gifts, set a discounted or zero price for them and then set a threshold at which customers are eligible for the gift.

Better Together

A range of promotion tools are available as part of the Better Together Add On Suite.  These offer Zen Cart store owners the ability to offer discounts when linked products are purchased together.  There is also a promotional page add on (where all the linked product promotions available are displayed together and an easy to use Admin panel add on to simplify administrating your linked products.

Run a Christmas Contest

The Contest System Add On creates a Zen Cart Side Box ‘Enter To Win’ for placement in the left or right column of your store inviting visitors to enter the contest by clicking ‘Enter Our Contest’.
Once a visitor clicks on ‘Enter Our Contest’ they are taken to the contest page.  Perfect for encouraging visitors to create an account in your store.  In the event that the visitor does not purchase from your store straight away, you now have their details for future marketing events.

Display complementary products

Make it easy for your customers to also purchase any complementary products with the Cross Sell – Just Another Cross Sell Mod Addon.  Let’s say one of your products is a fish tank, with this Add On you can display on the fish tank product page other suggested products such as fish food and water filters.  Or you may suggest camera bags and cleaning kits with all products in your camera category.

Tools that suggest similar or related products typically produce higher order values on average.

Add value to the shopping experience

Think about additional ways you can add value for your customers.  If you sell packets of spring bulbs include a free growing guide with every purchase.  Or, perhaps you sell women’s clothes.  Start a page on the must-have accessories of the season and include links to your product pages so that your customers can recreate the looks.  It can be easy to add value for your customers without you needing to spend more.  Just be creative.

As with any modification to your Zen Cart store, ensure you have a current back up (both database and template files) and that you have read the install instructions carefully before installing any Add Ons.

Zen Cart Store - Getting ready for Christmas

Getting your Zen Cart Store Ready for Christmas



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