Subscribe to be notified of Zen Cart Fixes to Known Bugs

To ensure you are notified of any fixes released that may be relevant for your store, you can subscribe to the Known bugs (and fixes) with v1.3.8 / v1.3.8a thread on the Zen Cart forum.   This means you will receive an email with details of any new Known Bug Fixes that have been made available.

  1. Visit the official Zen Cart home page at
  2. From the home page click on the Community Forum link in the top right hand corner.
    Visit Zen Cart Community Forum
  3. Scroll down the main forum page to the section Upgrading your Zen Cart.  Click on Upgrading from 1.3.x to 1.3.8.
    Upgrading your Zen Cart 
  4. At the top of the threads in this section is a ‘sticky’ thread titled Known Bugs (and fixes) with v1.3.8 / v1.3.8a.  Click on the title. 
    Known Bugs (and fixes) with v1.3.8 / v1.3.8a
  5. From the Thread Tools menu, select Subscribe to this Thread.Thread Tools
  6. There are a couple of options to choose.  Under the Notification Type menu, select from No email notification, Instant notification by email, Daily updates by email and Weekly updates by email.

    For most people, you can leave the setting for Folder as the default.

    Click on the Add Subscription button.
     Subscription Details

  7. You will now be notified of Bug Fixes for your Zen Cart store as they are released.  

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