Setting your Zen Cart Store to Maintenance Mode

As part of the ongoing management of your online store, you will need to carry out various activities that may affect the running of the store – activities such as installing and configuring add ons, upgrading the Zen Cart version, backing up store files and database or simply doing a stocktake to reconcile stock levels.

To avoid your store malfunctioning while customers may be trying to browse or purchase your products, Zen Cart provides the ability to set your store ‘Down for Maintenance’.  Visitors will be presented with a message indicating the current status of your store.

To set your store to Maintenance Mode:

  1. Log in to your Zen Cart store Admin
  2. From the Configuration menu, select Website Maintenance.
    Zen Cart Admin > Configuration > Website Maintenance
  3. Click on the Info icon next to Down for Maintenance: ON/OFF and click the Edit button.
    Zen Cart Website Maintenance 
  4. Set to True and click the Update button.
    Zen Cart - Down for Maintenance
  5. A Maintenance Notice is now displayed to visitors to your store.
    Zen Cart Maintenance Notice

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