Day 11 – More Valentine’s Day Banner Designs and Campaign Examples

Welcome to Day 11 of the ‘How to run a Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign’ workshop.  This workshop runs between 27th January to 17th February 2010.  Designed specifically for Zen Cart store owners, each day we will focus on one task to guide you as you run a Valentine’s Day promotion campaign.

Today can be as easy or as much work as you like.  Now that the second campaign email has been sent, you would be starting to establish your email marketing style.  As we have mentioned before it is important to keep a level of consistency in your email style throughout all promotion email messages in order to build up a sense of familiarity and instant recognition to your recipients.  That said, today we are going to look at some examples of Valentine’s Day promotion emails from 2009.  It’s always helpful to check out what others are doing for inspiration as you continually refine your own marketing messages.

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Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Examples

Newsletter Archive is a giant archive of newsletters sent from nearly 2000 different senders as a record of newsletters over time in the same way that keeps an archive of past versions of websites.  With some dating back to 1997 and around 20,000 email messages a month now there, if you need email examples this is the place to go.

Here is a small selection from Valentine’s Day email messages sent in 2009.  Click on the image for a larger version.

Shoemall - 20% Off - Get Naughty this Valentine's Day at ShoeMall JMS - Love $1.99 Shipping? Happy Valentine's Day!
Bose - Bose: Make Valentine's Day special
Fresh - Free 2nd day shipping, just in time for Valentine's Day! - Valentine's Day Promotion: 30% off all outlet stylesWillow 506 - Happy Valentine's Day

From the Newsletter Archive home page, do a search for “valentine” for a closer look at the 1408 emails sent in 2009:

Click on the Subject line link to open up the email newsletter.

More Valentine’s Day Banner Designs

As we are going to run through step-by-step on how to use the Banner Manager in Zen Cart tomorrow,  I thought it would be a good idea to share some more banner designs for Valentine’s Day for you in coordinated sets.

Free Valentine’s Day Banners for Zen Cart Stores – Set 1

Free Valentine’s Day Banners for Zen Cart Stores – Set 2


Today’s Task

  1. Review Valentine’s Day Email Messages from 2009 on Newsletter Archive.

Next up we will be looking at Banners in Zen Cart to easily achieve new seasonal looks for your Zen Cart store.

Good luck!  Any questions, please use the comments section below.



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