Day 15 – Sending the third Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign Email

Welcome to Day 15 of the ‘How to run a Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign’ workshop.  This workshop runs between 27th January to 17th February 2010.  Designed specifically for Zen Cart store owners, each day we will focus on one task to guide you as you run a Valentine’s Day promotion campaign.

Today we will be sending the third email in our Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign.  This is our chance to capture those buyers that may have been too busy or still thinking and haven’t done their Valentine shopping yet.

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We are getting very close to Valentine’s Day now and yesterday we focussed on making sure visitors to our store were made aware of our options for last-minute Valentine shopping.  Now we are going to be giving that same information to our email subscribers in the third email of our campaign.

Firstly, consider who you would like to send the third campaign email to.  You may choose to send to all Newsletter Subscribers or to Dormant Customers (>3months).  In Zen Cart Admin > Tools > Newsletter and Product Notifications Manager, the drop down menu to select audience is available after you click Send next to a newsletter. 

Either way your email content needs to be fresh and not just a repeat of your last email.  More on this in a moment.

Zen Cart Newsletter and Product Notifications Manager

Now when it comes to your subject line, I would recommend including something along the lines of Final Reminder or similar.  This lets your subscribers know two things – that they really need to act now if they are going to buy something from you during this campaign but also that this is the last email of this campaign. 

Moving on to the contents of your email.  Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this is your opportunity to highlight the things that you can offer to last-minute buyers that will set you apart from other online retailers. 

    • If you sell hand-crafted or very unique products, focus on how special these are for the Valentine recipient (perhaps something along the lines of not the usual flowers and chocolates for your loved one).
    • If you offer express, overnight or weekend delivery, highlight this right along side your gift ideas and / or product info included in your email.
    • Make it clear that your products are in stock and available for immediate delivery.
    • Or, move the focus from products/items to online Gift Certificates.  If you offer a print version of your Gift Certificate for Valentine’s Day, they will still have something pretty to hand their Valentine on the day.

Before you start you may like to review Day 4 – Sending the first Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign Email and Day 10 – Sending the second Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign Email as well as How do I send a newsletter to my customers in Zen Cart?.

Today’s Task

  1. Create your third Campaign Email Message.
  2. Send your third Campaign Email Message.

Tomorrow we will be exploring the use of offline marketing to expand the audience for your promotion campaign.

Good luck!  Any questions, please use the comments section below.



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