Day 20 – Remove Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign Images and Copy

Welcome to Day 20 of the ‘How to run a Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign’ workshop.  This workshop runs between 27th January to 17th February 2010.  Designed specifically for Zen Cart store owners, each day we will focus on one task to guide you as you run a Valentine’s Day promotion campaign.

Well, Valentine’s Day has already come and gone and nothing looks worse than out of date information on the web.  Online stores, in particular, will end up turning away customers as they feel that it’s not safe to hand over money to a store that no longer looks looked after.  So, it is a good practice to remove any promotion images and copy as soon as the promotion has ended.

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Make a to-do list of the changes you need to make to your Zen Cart store to remove references to Valentine’s Day.  Start with the most visible changes and work through your list from there.

  • Removal of Valentine’s Day Banners (or mark them expired)
  • Removal of Valentine’s Day text and images from your Zen Cart template files
  • Set Valentine’s Day Countdown Sidebox to Off
  • Removal of Valentine’s Day Gift Certificate images
  • Removal of Valentine’s Day changes in Email templates
  • Removal (or mark as expired) promotional shipping and discounting rules
  • Removal of any other Valentine’s Day copy and images.

Once you think you have finished your list, conduct a thorough review of your store pages.  Did you add any Valentine’s Day info on the Shipping page or create Valentine’s Day categories?

Save your images and your notes on changes you made throughout your store to a folder to make it easy to review when planning your Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign next year. 

Today’s Task

  1. Remove Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign images and copy.

Tomorrow we take a look at the success rate of our Valentine’s Day Promotion Campaign.

Good luck!  Any questions, please use the comments section below.



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