How to backup your Zen Cart Store Files & Templates using FileZilla

To perform a complete backup of your Zen Cart store files using FileZilla:

  1. Open FileZilla.
  2. In the Quickconnect section at the top of the screen, enter your Host, Username, Password and Port information and click on the Quickconnect button.  This information would have been sent to you when you first signed up for your web hosting agreement.  If you do not have this to hand, contact your web host.
    FileZilla - Quickconnect
  3. Once connected, you will notice that the section on the left hand side of the screen is your local files (ie the files on your computer) and the section on the right hand side is your web host files (ie the files that make up your website).
  4. Under the section Local Site, navigate to the location where you wish to save your Zen Cart backup files.  Create a new folder/directory.  It’s a good idea to include the date in the folder name to help you organise your backups as you go on.  Double-click on this new folder.
  5. Under the section Remote Site, navigate to the location of your Zen Cart store.  Select the admin folder by clicking on it once.  Then select all files and folders by holding the Control (Ctrl) key on the keyboard while you press the A key on the keyboard (Ctrl-A).
    Select all Zen Cart files and folders
  6. Right click on the selected files and choose Download from the drop-down menu.
    Download all Zen Cart Files and Folders
  7. And that’s it.  All the Zen Cart store files and folders will download to the local folder specified.

You can now either zip up the backup files or burn a copy to CD or DVD.


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