How to backup your Zen Cart Store Files & Templates using cPanel

To perform a complete backup of your entire Zen Cart store:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click on File Manager.
    File Manager in cPanel
  3. Select the correct location of your Zen Cart install and click the Go button.
    cPanel File Manager
    Note:  Web hosts have their preferences in naming the folders that are your Internet folders. Look for a “www” or “public_html” or “htdocs” or “httpdocs” or “wwwroot” folder. These are some of the common folder names for what is referred to as the “Web Root”, which is where all your website content is served from. Your Zen Cart files will be in one of these folders.
  4. If your Zen Cart files are in the web root, select all the files and folders by ticking the corresponding checkboxes.
    If your Zen Cart files are in a subfolder, you can select just that folder by ticking the corresponding checkbox.

    Then, click on the Compress icon in the top menu toolbar.

  5. Select the preferred Compression Type and also change the name to something more meaningful for you.  Then click on the Compress File(s) button.
    Compress Zen Cart Files & Folders
  6. The compressed file is created:
    Creating Compressed Archive of Zen Cart Folder
    and when completed the Compression Results window will be displayed:
    Zen Cart - Compression Results
  7. The compressed backup file is now available for you to download and store offline.  You will now either save the backup file to a folder on your local computer or burn a copy to CD or DVD.  The backup file can the be removed from your web host then in order to conserve space.
    Zen Cart Backup

  1. #1 by James Thomas on 13 August, 2010 - 2:57 am

    if you are going to get a VPS server make sure that it has cPanel coz it makes server maintennance easier.’;:

  2. #2 by kerrin hardy on 14 August, 2010 - 10:49 pm

    Agree James. There’s no excuse for not backing up regularly when cPanel makes it so easy to do 🙂

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