How to do a complete Backup of your Zen Cart Store

As a Zen Cart Store Owner, one of your most important tasks is the regular backup of your store’s database and files.

Your Zen Cart store consists of PHP and other files that makes your store work together with the template files and these are all hosted on your web server.  There is also the MySQL database that contains all your products, orders, customers, and settings information.  As you customise your store you may end up changing a number of PHP and CSS files.  And as you configure your store, add products and make sales there are certainly many updates made in the database.  So you can see that it is important to take a backup when a change is made, such as the installation of a new add-on (module) or template, and also to continue to backup your store on a regular basis so that current customer and order information is included.

To do a complete back up of your Zen Cart store:

  1. Back up the Zen Cart Database
    See Back up the Zen Cart Database with phpMyAdmin for step-by-step instructions if your host provides cPanel and phpMyAdmin access.

    Or, you may wish to look at the Zen Cart Add On available – Backup MYSQL Plugin.

  2. Back up the Zen Cart Files
    To take a backup of the Zen cart files you are, in effect, just copying the files to an alternative location for safekeeping.For step-by-step instructions, look at:

You may wish to also regularly burn a complete backup of your Zen Cart store to CD or DVD to ensure that you always have a safe copy regardless of hosting problems or local computer problems.


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