Track your visitors’ search actions in Zen Cart

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that can provide you with a range of statistics and reports on your Zen Cart store traffic and marketing effectiveness.  The more information you have about the way visitors interact with your store, the more effective you can make your store in converting visitors to paying customers. 

Understanding how your visitors use the Zen Cart search can provide valuable insight in to how intuitive your category hierarchy is, or perhaps how useful your category and product names really are.  It is easy to configure Google Analytics to report on how visitors are using your store search feature using Google’s Site Search.

If you are not already using Google Analytics, you may want to check out Adding Google Analytics to your Zen Cart store, which includes help on Signing up for Google Analytics.

To enable Site Search:

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account –

  2. Click Edit under the Settings column of your store’s site.
    Zen Cart - Google Analytics

  3. Click Edit in the top right corner of the Main Website Profile Information box on the Profile Settings page.
    Google Analytics - Zen Cart

  4. In the section Site Search, select the radio button next to Do Track Site Search.  More information will be displayed, allowing you to add in the word keyword in the Query Parameter (required) field.  This is the parameter Zen Cart uses for search queries.  

    Next, select the radio button next to Do you use categories for site search?.  Again, the form will be expanded allowing you to enter in categories_id in the Category Parameter field. 

    Your settings should now look like this:
    Set up Site Search in Google Analytics for your Zen Cart store

  5. Click the Save Changes button to complete your setup.
    Save Site Search setup in Google Analytics 

  6. Now you will be able to analyse your visitors search terms for your Zen Cart store. 
    Zen Cart Search Statistics in Google Analytics

Google provides reports on the following:

– Overview
– Usage
– Search Terms
– Start Pages
– Destination Pages
– Categories
– Trending

You will find these under the Content heading in the Site Search section of the Google Analytics page.



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