How do I add or remove the quantity in stock display on a product information page in Zen Cart?

Units in Stock is one of several product details that can be set to display on product information pages in a Zen Cart online store.  In the example below you can see it shown along with the model number, shipping weight and manufacturer.


To set if the Units in Stock display is shown on product information pages:

  1. Log in to your Zen Cart store Admin
  2. From the Catalog menu, select Product Types.
    Zen Cart Admin > Catalog > Product Types
  3. Click the edit layout button for the relevant product type for your store.  In this example we are modifying the Product – General type. 
    Edit Layout of Zen Cart Product Type
  4. Select Show Quantity in Stock and click on the Edit button.
    Zen Cart - Show Quantity in Stock
  5. Select False from the drop down menu and then click on the Update button to save your setting.
    Zen Cart - Show Units in Stock 

And here we have the product page no longer showing Units in Stock within the product details section of the product information page.

Remove Units in Stock from Zen Cart Product Page

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