Online Store Blog Idea #12: Introduce a product new to your online store

Regularly adding new products to your online store keeps your store fresh and vibrant and encourages return customers.  Imagine if every time you walked in to your favourite department store it was the same as the time before – exactly the same stock in exactly the same place for months, if not years, on end.  Just as important as launching new products though, is telling your customers about them.  Feature new products on your store home page, showcase products in a ‘New Arrivals’ section or highlight a new product on your online store blog.

A blog post is a great way of focusing attention on a new product such as this example by the men’s designer shoe store Pelle Line.

Online Store Blog Idea - Introduce a new product

Try to include the following in your blog post:

  • text that links directly to the product info page
  • text that links to the product’s category page
  • a good quality product image that is linked directly to the product info page
  • text that links to one or more landing pages that include the product – for example a page that groups ‘gifts for men’ or a page that groups all ‘Magnanni’s Shoes’ or a page that groups
  • text that links to any related products such as consumables or matching accessories.

Most importantly though, is to write naturally about the product.  Imagine you are having a conversation with a friend and telling them about the new stock you have.  You might mention that they are much sought after, that they complement other products you already stock and that you like everything made by this designer.  You can see that in just a paragraph or two, there are ample opportunities to include different links.  Just don’t try and add too many links or add them where it does not sound natural when reading your post out loud.

Do you highlight new products in your store blog?  Please share a link to one of your favourite posts in the comments below.


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