Add or remove product reviews count from product info page in Zen Cart

The Product Reviews count is shown on the Product Info page in Zen Cart below the ‘add to cart’ section (as shown highlighted below).

Product Reviews Count on Product Info Page - Zen Cart

To add or remove the product reviews count from the product info page:

  1. Log in to your Zen Cart store Admin
  2. From the Catalog menu, select Product Types.
  3. Select the relevant product type, in most cases this will be Product – General, and click the Edit Layout button.
    Edit Layout - Product General - Zen Cart
  4. Select the Show Product Reviews Count setting and click the Edit button. 
    Show / Hide Product Reviews Count on Product Info Page - Zen Cart
  5. From the drop down menu, select either False (to remove) or True (to display) the Product Reviews Count on the product information page. Click the Update button to save your setting. 
    Show / Hide Product Review Count on Product Info Page in Zen Cart

And that’s it.  You can see now that the Product Reviews Count is no longer displayed.

Zen Cart Product Information Page



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