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Turn off the ‘Your IP Address’ display in the footer of Zen Cart

The footer can display the IP address of your store’s visitors.  Many people, including genuine customers, find the display of their IP address gives them an uneasy feel.  It also does very little in discouraging non-genuine customers from misbehaving.  For most stores I recommend that the customer’s IP address is removed from the footer in […]

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Log in to your Zen Cart Admin

The Zen Cart Admin is where you will configure your store, add new products and manage your customers and orders.  After installing your Zen Cart store, one of the first things to do is to make sure you can log into your store Admin. By default, the Admin for your Zen Cart store is accessed […]


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Rename Zen Cart Admin folder for increased security

Access to your store Admin is protected by username and password.  However, unauthorized access (or access attempts) are one step closer if all Zen Cart stores have the Admin files in a known location (ie /admin).  As an added precaution it is recommended that you rename your admin folder after installation. And it’s easy to […]