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Turn on or off the display of the page parse time

The page parse time display can be a very useful tool in diagnosing or troubleshooting with your Zen Cart online store, mainly relating to pages that are really slow to load. The page parse time information sits outside of the ‘main wrapper’ in the footer of each page. To enable or disable the display of […]


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What does the Page Parse Time Information mean in the Zen Cart footer?

The Page Parse Time information consists of three page statistics: The page Parse Time is the time it took from when the first line of code in index.php started processing until the footer of your page was drawn. This includes the delays introduced by any SQL queries waiting on the database. The parse time is […]


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Turn off the ‘Your IP Address’ display in the footer of Zen Cart

The footer can display the IP address of your store’s visitors.  Many people, including genuine customers, find the display of their IP address gives them an uneasy feel.  It also does very little in discouraging non-genuine customers from misbehaving.  For most stores I recommend that the customer’s IP address is removed from the footer in […]

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Edit the Zen Cart Site Copyright Display in Footer

The Site Copyright Display is made up of Copyright © <current year> <store name>. Powered by Zen Cart. The Site Copyright Display looks like this: Since Zen Cart version 1.37, the Copyright statement is updated automatically to reflect the current year.  However, you may wish to edit the copyright statement to an inclusive date range, […]



Anatomy of the Zen Cart Footer

Today I’m going to step through the components that make up the Zen Cart Footer and their relevant settings in Zen Cart Admin.   Banner Position 4 While not actually called by the includes/templates/common/footer.php file, the Banner Position 4 is also known as Footer Position 1.  See Zen Cart Banner Locations for an outline of […]

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