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Add an automatic slider to your Zen Cart home page

Sliders are a great way to add a touch of flair to your Zen Cart store’s home page.  As well as just looking good though, sliders allow you to include lots of information for your customers all in that very important, above-the-fold position.  Information such as new products just in, hot specials on clearance lines, […]


Step-by-step guide to installing Easy Slider 1.7 in Zen Cart

Easy Slider 1.7 is a popular jQuery slider plugin that is packed full of options making it easy to customize to suit your Zen Cart store.  An image slider can really bring your store front alive and is the perfect way to use the limited screen ‘real estate’ on the home page effectively. The slider […]



Step-by-step guide to installing the Automatic Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery from Soh Tanaka in Zen Cart

This Automatic Image Slider with CSS and jQuery from Soh Tanaka is a simple and good looking slider that is a great addition to your Zen Cart store’s home page.  This slider has been designed to revert to displaying the first image (as a static image) if the visitor has JavaScript turned off, to keep […]